Long time coming

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from Molly Heath
Assistant Vice President
Jones Lang LaSalle

With many people taking vacations during these last weeks of August, the pace in the office is subdued. If traffic and parking in Cambridge and Boston are any indication, there are certainly fewer people coming to work.
What better time to take a more leisurely walk to the train in the morning, from the T stop at night, or back from a leisurely lunch that is actually away from your desk, to notice the buildings that mark the streetscape.
If your path leads you to Mt. Auburn Street in Harvard Square, you will notice a banner wrapped around the old Conductor’s House (or the “Chili’s Building” depending on your inclination toward Tex-Mex) announcing Charles Place. This will be be the first new development in Harvard Square in over 20 years.
Because Harvard Square is an area steeped with history, its residents and business owners are, to put it mildly, protective of their neighborhood and sensitive to any change. Therefore, it will be interesting to watch The Carpenter Company and The Bulfinch Companies jointly take on the challenge of developing a modern green office building for the city’s innovative business leaders. One that honors the Square’s culture, architecture, and rich tradition.
Charles Place is set to be a LEED Gold certified. Designed by architect Elkus Manfredi, it’s scheduled to be completed as soon as 2012. It will be an exciting project to watch that will have a significant impact on both the Square’s commercial real estate market and this eclectic neighborhood that we love.


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    Nice article and you’re an Assistant VP! Way to go. Hope you are doing well. I miss talking to you and Emilie!

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