Property Management is Cool!

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from Tim Martin
Property Manager
Jones Lang LaSalle

Dan Pufunt, our national President of Property Management recently proclaimed, “Property Management Is Cool!”   He was referring to the country’s recent infatuation with sustainable building and Property Managers’ role on the forefront of implementing many of these strategies.  Boston is no different.  Just look to the small wind turbines on City Hall and The Museum of Science. 

According to the most recent Energy Information Administration’s survey published in 2003, there were 4.9 million commercial buildings in the US, totaling 71.6 billion square feet, and spending over $50 billion on electricity alone.  Representing such a large cost, everyone has a shared interest in reducing this cost.   The green building industry has surged to meet this need along with our many other sustainable needs.  Available solutions range from simple “I should have thought of that” ideas like the popular timed light switches; to complex computer programs that constantly monitor building equipment and optimize efficiency.  Both meet the goal of reducing energy consumption, and as a result, cost. 

Recognizing tightening capital improvement budgets, there are likely immediate ways to reduce your electric consumption and cost, with little to no cost to you. I would encourage anyone to better understand their electricity consumption and costs.  A great source of this information is your Property Manager.  Managers monitor consumption and cost of all utilities and are always looking for ways to increase efficiency.  Remember, what we do is cool!  We want you to be in the know too!


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