Social media generates property buzz

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from Tina Snyder
Assistant Vice President
Jones Lang LaSalle

As marketing professionals we’re always thinking about the next best ways to reach our target audience. Lately social media is the rage. I’ve wondered if it’s relevant in commercial real estate or business-to-business marketing. With the demographics of Facebook expanding to include corporate executives and decision makers, it seems that social media is a no brainer. One area we’ve now made a priority is using Facebook to market commercial properties.

As we embark on integrating it into property marketing plans our first thought was “What are we going to post about a property that doesn’t come across as hard sell or already appear in other deliverables?”

Facebook isn’t LinkedIn, where being corporate is expected. Here it’s about comaraderie. Creating a persona, a buzz, and ultimately generating business. The bonus is that there is no cost other than time spent on developing content and driving traffic to the page.

When thinking about Facebook posts for commercial properties, it’s important to approach it not as the telling of information but rather sharing exciting news, showcasing offerings and creating a sense of intrigue. Think about how you can engage the reader to remain a loyal follower and in turn share the page with friends.

The thickness of glass windows is probably not what someone is looking for on Facebook. Just make sure that there’s a link to the website and voila, vital information about the property is at one’s fingertips. Posts about what’s happening in and around a property that highlight activity, location and amenities are what readers get excited about.

We’re using Facebook in our marketing program for Liberty Wharf, Boston’s newest waterfront development. The list of people who “like” the page is growing. It isn’t important that we speak about availabilities and docks of Brazilian wood. Instead we are showcasing the amazing transformation that has occurred turning the former Jimmy’s Harborside site into a new mixed-use destination. We’re also sharing construction photos, announcements about the project’s amazing amenities that will soon be the hot spots of the Seaport District, posts showing the ownership’s enthusiasm for the development, concerts and exhibits adjacent to the site.

We are enhancing the Liberty Wharf brand in real time with the use of Facebook, building anticipation for the opening so that readers will spread the word about the sleekest new development in town.

– Tina

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