Texting and speed to market

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from Jennifer Cronan
Construction Manager and LEED Coordinator
Jones Lang LaSalle

I’m currently wrapping up my maternity leave, and will be returning to work in a few weeks. During my time at home I’ve been watching more TV than I’d like to admit between feedings and other demands of my new baby girl. 

The other night a short segment on Entertainment Tonight showed thirteen year old Brianna Hendrickson winning the grand prize in a National Texting Competition for correctly texting a “complicated phrase” in under 60 seconds.

A texting competition? Really? This made me laugh out loud, and think about the widespread use of texting in our real estate industry. The construction business thrives on the communication that it creates between project managers, contractors, and owners. It’s a 24/7 real-time tool, and in most cases it moves things along at a pace we couldn’t have imagined 20 years ago.

This new “skill” that we have all developed has helped us move forward in many ways. I recently bought and sold a home and the communication between us and our realtor was about 80% by text. This transaction was smooth and easy for all parties involved.

I imagine that little Miss Texting, Brianna, will have a leg up on her co-workers, just as a speedy typist is more effective in today’s workplace. I’m sure that soon a new technology will surpass texting in efficiency and user-friendliness. Let’s see what the future holds.


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