What happened to a civilized construction schedule?

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from Dana Griffin
Vice President
Jones Lang LaSalle


Are tenants forgetting when their leases expire? Are architects drawing slower? Or are owners just putting more thought into their decisions? Whatever the reason, recently it has seemed that construction schedules are getting shorter and shorter. The 12-hour/6-day work week has become the norm.

I was recently assembling a schedule with one of our superintendents on a lab project and we came up with a 12-week schedule. It was aggressive but we thought that we could make it work. Then we looked at the required move-in date and had to cut it down to an air tight 8 weeks.

In recent months I am seeing a trend where clients seem to be spending more time investigating their lease vs. stay options, forecasting whether to restack or relocate, or just taking their time to pick the right wallpaper. Yet the completion date remains the same. Regardless of how abbreviated the schedules have become, one thing hasn’t changed — the unwavering expectation of quality construction delivered in a safe manner.

I remember an old saying: “You can have it done fast, right, or cheap; pick two.” In today’s economy you have to do all three.

– Dana

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