Positive change

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from Bob Kelly
Jones Lang LaSalle

The real estate industry is barely recognizable from the golden days of construction. I’m old enough to remember when the builder used to tell the client when they could have their building, and not the other way around.

Today’s prevailing trend is to get the work done faster and cheaper than ever before without sacrificing quality. This is at once difficult and stressful. I am disappointed by some negativity I have seen in the marketplace of late. It takes a real pro to rise above the fray, stay positive, and conduct himself professionally always. 

I refuse to let the naysayers muddy the waters we wade through every day. You must be part of a culture that fosters teamwork, and appreciates the individual. At the end of the day, we are fortunate to create beautiful buildings as lasting testaments to our work across our landscape.

Come on. Let’s see a smile.

– Bob

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