Holiday small talk

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from Tim Martin
Property Manager
Jones Lang LaSalle

As we close out 2010, our hope is to have time to celebrate accomplishments and plan for a successful 2011. In reality, our personal and professional calendars are packed day and night to meet deadlines, and hopefully attend holiday celebrations. By the time Auld Lang Syne starts to play, the tendency to look around and think that the previous six weeks were a blur is completely normal. 

To help make your holiday season a little more entertaining, here are a few Boston real estate fun facts.

  • Driving up 93 North, through the Tip O’Neil Tunnel toward the Zakim Bridge, you might notice some height changes. You’d be right. You drive over the Red Line and under the Blue Line for a total of 120’ in height change.
  • At the end of Christopher Columbus Park in the North End lies the Beirut Memorial which commemorates eight Massachusetts Marines who lost their lives in a 1983 bombing. If you stand in the middle of the granite memorial and speak, you can hear your echo.
  • In their 2002 building project, Trinity Church dug six geothermal wells to utilize ground source heat pumps for air conditioning in the lower levels of the church. The drilled wells go as deep as 1,500 feet, making them deeper than the Hancock Tower is tall (1,127 feet).

Feel free to use these as conversation starters if you get stuck at a party. Send us your nuggets.

– Tim

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