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from Debra Graziano
Marketing Manager
Jones Lang LaSalle

One of the best reasons to use social networking for business is to gain access to amazing business connections that generally would have taken considerable time and effort to make. There is still something to be said, however, for good old fashion person-to-person networking. 

It’s has become so easy to make new business connections by sending the automatic blurb “I would like to add you to my professional network.” With very little effort I have well over 100 contacts connected to my LinkedIn profile. Of course that doesn’t mean that I have an actual business relationship with all the names on that list.

I have found that simply saying hello, or adding “Would love to hear from you” before hitting the send button, has gone a long way. When I do this I consistently receive a personal reply rather then the reply “So & so has accepted your invitation”

As we continue to embrace social media as a way to grow our virtual rolodex, remembering that there is a person behind that link will still be the differentiator in making lasting connections.

Social networking may have increased our ability to open doors, but keeping it personal will get us inside.

– Debra

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