Bad news is good news

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from Chris Wessen
Property Manager
Jones Lang LaSalle

At the beginning of a new year I try to think of what I can do better for my property and client. I end up going back to basics, focusing on contracts and service relationships. After all, relationships are the basis of our business.

We all have a certain level of comfort with our clients. Often times that comfort level effects how we communicate. If a client says that he is having a particularly rough day you’re first inclination might be not to deliver bad news. A good rule of thumb for this was conveyed by a colleague at our 2010 National Property Management conference who said “Bad news is good news.” It sounds like an oxymoron but it isn’t. 

While it’s difficult to deliver bad news to clients, it’s important to remember that the prompt delivery of information, good or bad, allows everyone to immediately come together on a solution. Bad news becomes good news because we can team with our clients to tackle the challenge at hand and move toward mutual goals. No project is flawless, and it is how we approach and resolve problems that make the difference to clients. Bad news is only really bad news when it’s conveyed too late to act on it.

Now I’m off to deliver some bad, or should I say good news to a few of my vendors.

– Chris

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