Winter Wonderland

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from Geoff Homer
Research Analyst
Jones Lang LaSalle

A few days ago New England experienced a blizzard, creating havoc for commuters and delighting students. As I trudged to work, I took the time to observe my downtown surroundings.

Mayor Menino had declared a snow emergency and most commuters opted to stay home. Downtown Boston resembled a winter wonderland. There was nary a soul or car in sight. It was quite beautiful.

Snapping back to reality, due to recent technological advances there is no such thing as a snow day for working professionals any more. Armed with a BlackBerry and access to a computer, one can work anywhere. Your client in Florida or overseas doesn’t care about the weather and shouldn’t even know.

On the other hand, I will admit that coming into a quite office was a blessing. It allowed me to get caught up on work without any distractions. This got me thinking about the idea of a mobile workforce.

Personally, I have a hard time working from my home as there are innumerable distractions even without kids. An office allows a sanctuary to focus on work, interact with coworkers, and shoot the breeze in the coffee room. That type of collaboration can’t be replicated in a mobile workspace. What do you think?

Happy MLK weekend. You’ll find me on the slopes enjoying the new powder.

– Geoff

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