Monday Morning QB

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from Phil DeSimone
Managing Director
Jones Lang LaSalle

In the aftermath of the excruciating loss to the Jets, I can’t help myself but use a football analogy when thinking about the reaction to Evergreen Solar’s decision to pull out of Devens. We are often true Monday morning quarterbacks when we hear about companies either leaving the area, or not living up to its promises after receiving state funds.

It’s similar to the sports talk shows that are hammering Brady and Belichick. Do the pundits forget the 14-2 season, the come from behind wins, the overachieving defense, and the player acquisitions? Yes, just like we forget about how promising Evergreen Solar was in terms of jobs, clean technology and manufacturing.

There are no guarantees when it comes to issuing state grants to companies that promise job retention and growth. These are risks taken. Believe me our competition is doing everything possible to lure companies to their states.

We are wrapping up an economic incentive program with a local company right now. Other states offer a lot more than Massachusetts. Places like Tampa and Atlanta provide enormously attractive incentives. In order for the Commonwealth to compete, we must continue offering these packages. We won’t win them all, but we have to spend money to create jobs and remain competitive.

– Phil

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