A city canvas

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from Brendan Cohn
Assistant Vice President
Jones Lang LaSalle

The other night while walking out of the North End, I was struck by the nighttime view.  Beyond the Greenway stood Faneuil Hall, the brilliantly lit Custom House, International Place, and the skyscrapers along State Street dotted by the lights of those still in the office.

After crossing the Greenway, I turned my head toward Marshall Street’s Green Dragon Tavern where the likes of Paul Revere and John Hancock spoke of Revolution. A moment later I approached the concrete monolith known as City Hall Plaza. Up the stairs I continued on my way to Beacon Hill.

I crossed Cambridge Street in front of Center Plaza and walked toward Mass General. A left on Temple Street put me on a flat road atop Beacon Hill, shared by classic single-family brick homes, brownstones, and Suffolk University.

Before arriving home it occurred to me that within a mile’s walk I had encountered an amazing array of real estate. From old to new and back again. From the low-rise dwellings of the North End to the Financial District’s imposing towers, and the Federal-style row houses on the Hill. Also along the way there was Suffolk University, a hospital at the foot of the hill, and court houses.

While initially struck by Boston’s modern elements of the Greenway and skyscrapers, I couldn’t help but reflect on the city’s age and rich history. This gives it a character that is truly unique.

As commercial real estate people, we live in a world of square footage and lease expirations.  It’s nice to be reminded that the real estate world is far more diverse.

– Brendan


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