Removing the madness from the Big Dance

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from Rich Branning and Andy Poppink
Managing Directors
Jones Lang LaSalle

If you’re one of the millions who filled out an NCAA Tournament bracket, it might pay off to bone up on the latest commercial real estate statistics first.

According to a new predictive model developed by our crack Research team, this year’s Final Four teams can be picked by analyzing the prevailing office vacancy rates in each of the 68 college towns represented in this year’s “Big Dance.”

For years, bracketologists have relied with little success on traditional indicators such as win-loss percentages. Vacancy rates might just hold the real answer.

We’ve been filling out brackets for a long time and this new formula makes sense. We’re feeling really good about our picks this year. Who knew the secret was right under our noses.

Our model begins with the hypothesis that this year’s National Championship game in Houston will once again feature two teams from major markets. That leaves around 20 teams based in major markets. From there, it’s all about office vacancy rates. The lower rate prevails. Based on this premis, it’ll be Ohio State, St. John’s, Richmond and Temple in the Final Four.

It’s March Madness time and anything can happen.

-Rich played in the 1978 Final Four with the University of Notre Dame. Andy played in two NCAA tournaments with the Stanford Cardinals in 1995 and 1996.


One thought on “Removing the madness from the Big Dance

  1. Steve Steinberg

    I am curious to see if the methodology pans out. A new approach is welcome. I’ve tried everything including divine intervention.


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