It Keeps Me Running

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from Matt Giffune
Assistant Vice President
Jones Lang LaSalle

I have always done my best thinking while enjoying the solitude and rush of distance running. As I labored through my final long training run of 21 miles leading up to the Boston Marathon, I pondered several concepts that are game changers for me.

Here’s one. I paid for my coffee at Starbucks the other day by using my iPhone. Using my Starbucks app, I simply held my screen up to their handy scanner, and voila, my card was charged $2.25 for a Grande Pike. Why can’t we do this with office space?

Imagine needing a place to plug in for a day and crank out a presentation while you are on the road. Or if you are a 3-person start up that can’t afford dedicated office space, but need basic office services to conduct business once on a while. You should be able to remotely locate and show up to a partner location, scan in with your mobile device, enjoy the comforts of a professional office and scan out with a mobile app that charges the credit card or bank account of your choice.

By scanning in, you can also let your network know your location through your various social networking platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. Rewards can be given to frequent users, and advertising opportunities would be available to partner locations and complementary service providers.

Companies with empty offices and cubes can monetize their unused space without sacrificing flexibility by subleasing or downsizing. Innovation will happen when people attract other entrepreneurs to their locations, and mix and mingle with the other people working in the partner location.

Gone would be the days of cumbersome leases and shared office agreements, and the path would be cleared for a mutually beneficial platform for sub landlords and casual office space users.

Respond if you wish to invest in my idea. Or just let me know if you think I am full of it.

– Matt


2 thoughts on “It Keeps Me Running

  1. Steve Steinberg

    Good luck in the race tomorrow. I hope you come up with some earth shaking ideas while traversing the course.

  2. Leslie Saul

    Love your idea, but I’ve been doing that for years for free! When friends need to work for a couple of hours between meetings in Cambridge or Boston, they can hang out in our office in an open “cube.” many landlords are renting cubes on a short term basis, in the hopes that if those small businesses grow, they will be loyal to the landlord who helped out when they started up. Also, Regus does a membership that allows you to work in offices across the country, great for those of us who work in other cities but are based in Boston. They are the most likely to adopt your concept of an iphone app. Write the code and make some money?


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