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from Matt Giffune
Jones Lang LaSalle

The premise of Banker & Tradesman’s Social E Conference in Newport was social media and its impact on small business. I mashed around some ideas for my presentation, and decided to make it as personal as possible.

I began by explaining how I use social medial tools to create awareness of my personal brand. As an advisor to companies that need help figuring out their real estate, my brand is somewhat specific to my industry. However, the general themes from my presentation ring true for all users of social media. Here are a few takeaways which was really more like a Q&A session:

• When you are an avid user of twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and blogs, it’s easy to think that everyone around you is too. From the sample set of roughly 150 attendees, I found that this is not the case. It amazed me how few people knew how to use Twitter. The potential of the platform is vast.  When more users adopt it as a true business tool, its ROI will increase proportionately.

• The 80/20 rule in social media is true for life in general. There was a lot of talk about “paying it forward” when creating content. Your personal brand depends on your ability to help solve people’s problems. So go out and do it, whether it’s through the use of social media or not.

• You are either all in or all out. I felt a hesitancy among the crowd to adopt the use of tools like LinkedIn and Twitter out of fear that your inbox will be inundated or your personal info will be compromised. There are plenty of features and tools to prevent this. So take the leap or blend in.

• Everyone is in sales, but not everyone realizes it. If you are on LinkedIn, run your company’s Twitter feed, or even on Facebook, you represent your company and personal brand. The 2+ billion people using the internet can find you in one click, so make sure you are careful building your web presence. I hammered this one home.



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