Difusing the situation

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from Tim Martin
Property Manager
Jones Lang LaSalle

There is a high probability that at least once in a property manager’s career he or she will coordinate the response to an emergency.  This is the reason that I can feel the pain Tim Nellenbach is experiencing. 
Tim manages the Nebraska nuclear power plant that has water surrounding it.  He is desperately trying to dispel rumors that his situation resemblances that of the Fukushima plant. 

Watching the nightly news, it is hard not to draw a link to Japan when seeing the images of water surrounding the Nebraska nuclear plant.  However, anticipated flooding as noted by the Army Corps of Engineers is very different than an earthquake followed by a tsunami.  As Tim and his team work towards re-launching the plant, I am sure we will begin to hear reports that there was little danger or reason for concern.

On a related note, thanks to everyone who responded to the poll in my last post.  Fifty percent of all responders favored the use of only renewable energy, 33% for a combination of renewable and nuclear, and just 17% favored nuclear exclusively.  Apparent in the poll and among news sources, the country is making strides towards renewable energy.  As we make the switch, we will see a reduction in greenhouse gasses. Hopefully the new found power sources will keep pace with our hunger for more power.

After navigating a few emergencies in my career as a property manager, I have learned the most transferrable lesson is to take a calm and measured approach to addressing a problem situation.  We must work toward developing a safe and productive way to transition our electricity  for this and future generations.


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