Hubway is on a roll

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From Jennifer Cronan
Construction Manager and LEED Coordinator
Jones Lang LaSalle

New in front of our Boston office in PO Square is a Hubway bike station.  As a somewhat avid bicyclist in my free time (I have two kids so free time is at a premium), I was interested in the launch of the city’s New Balance Hubway bike share system, and happy to see that 20 bikes are conveniently located right outside my door.

When I came to work this morning all but one bike was in use. The program seems to be working. Apparently it’s already very popular in Montreal where they have over 5,000 bikes in use. We are starting out with 600 sprinkled all over the city.

I did a test ride this morning to the waterfront. The payment system is easy. I entered my credit card information, scanned some terms and conditions language, got a pass code and I was on my way. I went to to confirm that there were parking spots available at my destination, Lewis Wharf. My ride was under ½ hour so it was free.

It’s a great way to get around. The bike was comfortable, faster than the cars stuck in downtown traffic, and way greener. I did get a few stares from curious onlookers which I attribute to awareness created by good publicity. A number of people stopped and asked me about the program.

I look forward to using the system again soon. Now all we need are Hubway bicycles built for two so I can ride in tandem with my coworkers to our next meeting!


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