99 High faces the future – part 2

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From Mike McGloin
Vice President
Jones Lang LaSalle

The capital improvements program at 99 High has been far reaching. After phase 1 of the four year project was complete, we still had significant savings potential. Our work was far from done.

This past October we installed high efficiency, low pressure steam, natural gas fired Cleaver Brooks, and flex-tube boilers. Together this eliminated the need for district steam, reducing fuel cost to the tune of $390,000 in the first season. The building also housed a below grade 180 car parking garage that operated 16 hours a day and utilized steam heaters to offset the outside air admitted through ventilation and opening of a large entrance door. By installing a high speed entrance door and utilizing condensate from the heating plant to preheat makeup air, all supplemental heating units were eliminated. The garage now maintains temperatures that are comfortable even in extreme conditions.

Utilizing the labor of our building engineers we have replaced all of the original rest room fixtures, and installed 1.5 gallon water closets, a 1.0 gallon urinal, and 0.5 GPM hands free faucets. The cost for some of these upgrades was reduced with incentives from the local utility, a great resource for not only funding but new ideas. We continue to make improvements to our common area lighting.

The vision of owner TIAA-CREF and property management was the catalyst for all the changes, earning 99 High BOMA Boston and Mid-Atlantic TOBY and BBJ Green Business Awards. Without their commitment this would still would be a circa 1970 building with dated systems. Now it combines high performance and a modern design to compete successfully with the city’s top towers.



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