Getting involved again

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from Larry Carpenter
Senior VP, Construction
Jones Lang LaSalle

Throughout much of my life I have volunteered with various groups and agencies. Admittedly most of this originated from a personal connection, through a child or other relative, a hobby or passion.

A couple months ago I was asked to help with my son’s scout troop trip to summer camp, provide adult leadership and transportation to the “wilderness” for a week. Having worked with my older sons on similar outings over a decade ago, I thought it might be worthwhile and allow me to spend some quality time with my youngest.

In short, the sense of accomplishment and satisfaction that comes from giving back has been rekindled and I plan to enroll as a permanent volunteer with the group.

There are many worthwhile organizations out there that need help in these challenging economic times. It’s comparatively easy to open your wallet and make a monetary contribution. Getting involved, however, requires more an investment of a deeper kind. It allows for personal growth, meeting new people, and expanding your perspective in many ways.

I encourage you to take something that you enjoy or are passionate about and use it to serve your community. You’ll find that you are not only doing something good for others, but something worthwhile for yourself as well.

– Larry


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