Those constant updates

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From Tim Martin
Property Manager
Jones Lang LaSalle

Sometimes dreams really do come true.

With my iPhone safely locked in a safe, I spent the last week in Honduras. I joined a group of teens and doctors to help with various construction projects and assist in medical clinics. It was an amazingly rewarding experience, and I hardly missed the continuous stream of information my phone provides.

As the week progressed, I realized how preoccupied everyone has become with these constant updates through social media, while ignoring what’s directly in front of us.  Have you ever been eating with a friend only to later see a Facebook update from them while you were sitting at the dinner table?

Back in my office this week, I met with the team from Impact Energy Solutions.  What a change from my no phones or e-mails vacation. Their software, Impact Energy Solutions/Scientific Conservation, offers live commissioning reports on all the mechanical equipment in a building. Not only will the software tell you when something is wrong, but also how much the malfunction is costing you. The metaphor they use is “running daily diagnostics on your car to know what’s wrong, even before the check engine light comes on.”

Through the software we are able to virtually “talk” to all of the equipment in our building to find and help diagnose mechanical problems.  As tenants and investors look for ways to reduce their energy consumption and limit building operating costs, this is a technology we should not ignore.  These are the types of constant updates we should pay attention to.



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