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From Chris Wessen
Property Manager
Jones Lang LaSalle

When I took on a leadership role in my team’s 4Sight Emergency Preparedness Program a little more than two years ago, I had to familiarize myself with the entire program inside and out. 4Sight is quite comprehensive and offers a customizable plan for almost any imaginable disaster or emergency that a property might face.

That being said, not every plan is relevant to every region of the country. As you might imagine there were a few dubious looks around conference room when we started talking about emergency plans for a volcanic eruption, tornado or earthquake.

So here we are at the beginning of September, and in the past 6 months we’ve experienced devastaging tornados in Springfield, tremors from an earthquakes in northern Virginia, and of course Hurricane Irene.

My takeaway here is that while we can always prepare well for the situations we might be familiar with, like Irene, I still had to scramble for my 4Sight manual when I realized we had experienced an earthquake. Luckily, that quake gave us little more than a few tremors and concerned tenants. The West Coast has had some laughs at our expense, but I’m confident that they may not exactly have their hurricane plan committed to memory either. And let’s not forget “carmageddon.”

Sometimes reminders are nothing more than a sticky note on an office wall. Sometimes they shake the entire eastern seaboard. Needless to say, managers everywhere are taking a second look at how they deal with any kind of event, no matter how unlikely.



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