Getting found online – part 2

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From Matt Giffune
Assistant Vice President
Jones Lang LaSalle

Creating a web presence isn’t rocket science. The common questions that my Philly colleagues asked was “How long did it take you to set this up?” and “How much time do you spend on social media in a typical day?”

The process is front end loaded but it’s worth the time you invest. Get home from work on a Friday, pour youself your favoriate beverage, and create a Twitter profile. Once you do this and you get rolling with other applications, you’ll find that there is a universe of tools out there to help you manage content.

Social media lives in a 24/7 world. One of my favorite aspects of on-line marketing is that the internet doesn’t shut down when your prospects leave the office for their evening commute. This means that they can spend the 9 to 5 part of their day making cold calls, visiting their clients, executing deals and holding internal meetings. All the while your web presence continues on line working for you round the clock. If you ever find yourself waking up with a handful of new Twitter followers you know what I mean.

– Matt


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