Looking back, moving forward

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From Eamon O’Marah
Senior Vice President, Investment Development
Jones Lang LaSalle

During this and every holiday season I like to take a look back at the pivotal people and moments that have shaped my life. It helps me to appreciate what I have and where I’m going.

After competing in the urban real estate development ring, particularly during the holidays I like to escape to my property Dover and walk the fields with my kids or go for a canoe ride on the pond.  I find the contrast of the din of City with the quiet wide open natural setting clears my mind, refocus, and reflect on the pivotal people and moments that shape my career.

I’m inspired by my father who was a man of integrity. He taught me that character is the most important trait, and that it’s better to walk from a good deal if the people involved are not trustworthy.

My father was very bright and an accomplished architect registered in 30 states. He was probably best known for his ability to command a room and great conversation. I am also inspired by my dear friend David Perini, who has been a second father to me since my father’s passing in 1999.  David is a great family man, committed to his faith and example of a balanced healthy life.

A pivotal career moment occurred when I got my first job in real estate development working for Ed Sidman, President of the Beacon Companies. I had been pursuing the re-development of the Old Northern Avenue Bridge project offered by the BRA, and sought the advice of Ed due to his knowledge of waterfront development and his commitment to activate the harbor.

Ed had successfully developed Rowes Wharf and I felt it was important to get his perspective and support for my scheme to develop the crossing as a retail concourse. Ed was very supportive and helpful and we formed a strong friendship.  During the process of attempting this project, he asked me to join Beacon and pursue commercial development projects. That was the point where I shifted into a world class real estate investment development operation.

I am truly fortunate to have learned life’s lessons from the very best.


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