Differentiate to win

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From Jim Kolb
Senior Vice President
Jones Lang LaSalle

After watching two great football games this past weekend, a few things struck me. 

One was the intense amount of pressure there is to win — in sports, business, and in our personal endeavors. The other is that when you do win, it’s usually the result of preparation, teamwork and execution. In some cases as we saw it comes down to someone else’s mistake.

When you combine these elements with the level of competition that exists, it highlights the need to always think and act differently in order to win on a regular basis. This is especially true in the construction business which has been commoditized over the years. 

The truth is that the “construction bid” is only part of predicting a successful project outcome. The remaining component is performance differentiation. We have a unique opportunity to differentiate ourselves on every single project we undertake. It is this consistent mindset that will enable us to separate ourselves from the rest of field and continue to move forward.



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