Space from the inside out

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From Melisa Marcotte
Project Manager
Jones Lang LaSalle

There is a design approach that’s becoming more prevalent with our clients. We’re beginning to think about space from the inside out.

Most real estate and design professionals begin the project process from a macro-level. For example, by asking the question of how much space does the client currently occupy and what do they need for growth. As the project progresses the level of detail gets finer.

Our clients, however, are starting with the question: “What is my personal work space going to look like?” We are then working to understand how this will drive the remainder of their project decisions.

Workplace standards are constantly evolving, more recently to adapt to advancements in technology and the environmentally-responsible focus of both clients and their employees. Gone are the days of deep corner work surfaces to accommodate tube computer monitors. The new employee workforce is less paper-intensive, and is trying to achieve a “paperless” workplace. These advances have a direct impact on the expectations of companies and their employees when it comes to personal work space.

Employees have adapted to the open work environment. They are expecting smaller workstation footprints and more collaborative areas to co-mingle with other employees. They want access to natural light from their seat, and to have their entire workspace at their fingertips. The hierarchy of a traditional workspace, with exterior offices, is no longer part of their expectations.

We, as their service provider, must understand how to assist them in bringing this level of detail to the macro-planning phase. The smaller personal workspace has allowed companies to re-evaluate their real estate needs, reduce their footprint, operating expenses and environmental impact.



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