Real estate’s reluctant embrace – part 1

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From Matt Giffune
Assistant Vice President
Jones Lang LaSalle

This post also appears on Matt’s personal blog

I recently returned from Scottsdale, Arizona where I spoke to hundreds of my colleagues about using social media for sales.

The reoccuring theme of our conference was the use of technology to accelerate sales efforts and contribute to the success of clients. I was excited about this, as our industry needs to start embracing new media and tech like other industries have. However, I’m not convinced that people really understand the most obvious sales tool for our business – social media marketing.

Candidly, I think that most commercial real estate brokers hide behind the industry to avoid social media. They say things like “Isn’t twitter for kids and celebrities,” “Doesn’t it take a lot of time,” or “Can you honestly tell me one meeting you got from tweeting?” These are all short for “I’m really afraid of change.”

That may be a little harsh, but its true for a large portion of the CRE population. I do believe, however, that there are CRE people out there that see the value of social media tools, and understand that the ROI isn’t always calculated by leases and commissions but by awareness, social proof and thought leadership.

You can’t have a great brand, corporate or personal, without these things. Brokers have a lot to learn about effective use of social media tools for sales. We’re just scratching the surface.

I used the presentation to give brokers the why and how: why social media is relevant, and how I use it. I have my own guidelines, rules and tools, and do what feels right to me. So don’t feel like I am giving you a lecture. Instead use my presentation as a reference point for your own social media strategy.



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