Relationship basics

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From Shannon McCarthy
Proposal Manager
Jones Lang LaSalle

As a business-to-business service provider it’s our job to figure out who needs our expertise and who will benefit from our knowledge. We try to uncover possibilities and turn them into business.

To do this we meet with colleagues, clients or potential clients. We make connections, call to check in with them, invite them to games, all in hopes of building a successful relationship. We all know that often good relationships are the crux of doing good business. It’s how to successfully build those relationships that often escapes us, but it shouldn’t.

Any great relationship you’ve got, whether it be your best friend, family member or significant other, wasn’t built in a day. It was nurtured, built upon respect, communication, and a genuine interest in one another.

Business relationships are no different. The next time you are going to see a client, try going back to the basics. Ask them how their day is and what is on their mind. When developing any business relationship, it never hurts to go back to basics.

By getting down to Relationships 101, the door will be open for further conversation about how you may be able to help them, and what information you can provide to make their day better.



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