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From Chelsey Fitch
Property Manager
Jones Lang LaSalle

How do you keep tenants happy during a full lobby renovation? Odds are you aren’t going to keep them completely happy since there will be inevitable disruption and inconvenience along with accessibility and egress issues.

You have to first keep them focused on the end product and how nice the space will be once it is finished. Don’t forget to keep your messages upbeat by stressing the features and benefits the renovation will have on them once complete. During the renovation keep in mind a couple of important factors.

First, communication is key. Make sure that tenants are informed of what is going to take place every step of the way. Be sure to send out periodic updates on the progress of the renovation and any changes to the original scope. 
Make sure to schedule a preliminary meeting with the tenants to discuss how the renovation will affect their daily business operations and what they should expect. Be sure to clearly answer any questions or concerns they may have. Remember to keep everything positive and focus on the end result. 

Give tenants a visual display of what the project will look like once complete. Make sure these sketches are clearly displayed and show how the space will ultimately look. You can say how beautiful the space will look to the tenants all day, but images make it believable.

Keeping tenants happy during a renovation project is not easy, but with clear communication and collaboration headaches can be alleviated. Remember to focus on the positive and communicate every step of the way. Happy renovations!



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