The power of a phone call

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From Chrissy Gabriel
Associate Project Manager
Jones Lang LaSalle

More often than not we communicate through email messaging.  Efficient? Yes. Effective? Not always.

With technology at our fingertips in the office, at home and on the go, it is easy to quickly shoot out a note and assume that the message was received.

In the world of project management, so much depends on successful coordination which really comes down to communication. It’s important that your co-consultants and clients understand the point you are trying to get across via email.

Many times in the world of construction, email terminology gets misinterpreted. A simple phone call can bring clarity to an issue. A person’s tone of voice can enhance the message.

Don’t forget that we’re in the business of making and maintaining relationships. Our business thrives on this. You can easily shoot our client a weekly email update on a project. Instead, you could pick up the phone, share the update, and put a personal spin on the conversation showing your client that they are valued and deserve a personal one-on-one.

Think of the many times in your day where a phone call can be used to heighten your communication with your project team.  Try it. Let me know if you also acknowledge the power of a phone call.



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