Creature comforts add up

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From Noga Sachs
MS Health Promotion Manager
Jones Lang LaSalle

Are you stressed? I am. It’s not because of the work load this time. It’s about the funds according to my latest bank statement. I checked by paycheck and that’s not where the problem lies. Instead this is a classic case of credit card user error.

I use my credit card perhaps too well. ​Adding things up, it looks like that morning, mid-morning, and afternoon visit to Starbucks is really adding up. Having to pay that astronomical credit card bill every month simply doesn’t leave me with enough at the end of the day. Starbucks and a lot of other niceties, as it turns out, aren’t so nice after all. They’re stressing me out!

For this stress fest, instead of rolling out the yoga mat I’m pulling out a calculator and excel sheet.



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