BIO day three – clear your plate

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From Howard Rosenberg, PhD
Executive Director, Solutions Development
Jones Lang LaSalle

When one thinks about the main activities that are taking place at the BIO Convention, what comes to mind is financing, technology transfer and economic development.  What is often overlooked is the cornucopia of value added services that are being showcased and promoted to the Life Sciences industry at this event.

In walking the exhibition floor over the last few days, what has become evident to me is that the variety and number of service organizations here has never been greater. Contract Manufacturing Organizations, Bioanalytical Services Organizations, Lawyers, and yes Real Estate and Facilities Management Services are all here. What we all have in common is our goal of supporting and facilitating the discovery, development and proliferation of new solutions to improve mankind’s health and well being.

I’ve spent most of my time here at BIO 2012 visiting and speaking to services organizations in an effort to understand both their value to the life sciences community and their challenges.

Labwell, a division of Jones Lang LaSalle, is a specialty organization that provides a better way to support laboratories and improve researcher effectiveness. We do this by partnering with our clients to remove non-core activities from the plate of the scientist so they can spend more time addressing their true objective – the science.

I’ve found that all of these organizations with the exception of the law practices face the same challenges that the life science community does: the need to be as scientifically effective as possible in their work and to have the highest quality of laboratory support. Speaking with them and explaining how Jones Lang LaSalle and in particular how Labwell can help them has been insightful.

Come down to the BCEC and walk the exhibition which closes tomorrow. You’ll be surprised at what you find, and how your own organization can benefit by engaging with these services partners.



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