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From Patrick Triggs
Assistant Vice President
Jones Lang LaSalle

I have a summer vacation planned. How can I get the most out of it while making sure that my projects remain on schedule? Knowing that I have to be connected, I asked others how they did this successfully.

Here are some of the rules people follow to help you on your next trip to the beach and beyond.

1. Let your clients and other key team members know in advance that you will be on vacation, and will be checking emails periodically. Once people are aware of this, they will not expect an immediate response. Now that everyone is aware that you won’t be immediately available, it is time to set your guidelines of when you will start responding to messages.

2. Shut off your cell phone, don’t bring it with you, or learn to shut off the email function so you can still play Words With Friends. Looking at your phone every five minutes is no way to spend your vacation.

3. Plan your email checks. Since you can’t view them on your phone, schedule a little time each day or as you see necessary to have your laptop on for an hour. I read that some people have reported that they like to do this so that they do not have to return hundreds of emails.

4. Skim your email messages and reply to only those that need an immediate response. The rest can wait for you when you return. I know of one person who said that checking every few days relieved her anxiety that she missed something. She winds up enjoying vacation more this way.

5. Once your time limit is up and all of the urgent items are addressed, shut off the laptop or phone. It is time to clear your head knowing that you have taken care of the important items and people are remain productive.

I hope these tips help you enjoy your summer vacation.



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