Through the Wormhole

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99 High, a premier downtown office tower that we represent with multiple services, was used for the filming of a recent episode of The Science Channel’s ‘Through the Wormhole with Morgan Freeman.’  Producers and crew used the premier office and retail building for an interview with Cornell computer scientist Dr. Michael Schmidt on the future of robots.

The episode, tentatively titled “Are Robots the Future of Human Evolution?’ examines how robots and artificial intelligence could be the next phase in human evolution.

Dr. Schmidt, creator of the evolutionary algorithm software Eureqa, is currently working with Cambridge start-up Nutonian on scientific data mining projects for a variety of applications in business, scientific and educational sectors. His goal is to enable individuals to become “Einsteins” by fostering scientific breakthroughs.

This is the second time that ‘Through the Wormhole’ chose 99 High as a location. Last year they filmed an interview with Harvard cosmologist Dr. Lisa Randall on the membrane model of the universe. The show will air as part of Season 4.

The crew from ‘Through the Wormhole with Morgan Freeman.’


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