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From Mike McGloin
Vice President
Jones Lang LaSalle

LEED certification, green initiatives, sustainability, and conservation. We all talk the talk, but do we really walk the walk. 

Corporate America is sold on the aforementioned. Do all of us really practice it?  Probably not. 

How do business and its leadership get their employees to walk the walk? In the commercial real estate world, we see examples every day of companies investing in green practices in their day- to-day business or with the building of new facilities. Large investments are being made. Are the end users–the employees–tuned in to their firms’ green objectives?  The message from the top has to be continuous and consistent. 

How often do we leave the office for the night with computers and monitors running, and the window blinds left open to allow plenty of sun to filter in? Do you take the extra steps to the recycling bin? Are you the one that takes the elevator for the one floor trip and back?  There are dozens of examples I could give. The point is that successful sustainability goals are achieved only when they’re practiced by everyone and are second nature.

It is an important and a good first step to make that initial investment in a sustainable office. It goes for naught if the tenants aren’t sold or don’t follow through on their company’s good intentions. It takes all of us to make it happen.



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