I can see clearly

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From Brian Morrissey
Vice President
Jones Lang LaSalle

I caved a few weeks ago and bought a new set of irons. After twenty years of using the same set of golf clubs, I decided to learn firsthand how technology has changed. What a difference. I didn’t turn into Jack Nicklaus, but I also can’t believe I waited so long.

I had the same epiphany a few years ago when I realized I could see better out of my right eye than my left. I always figured “that’s just the way people see.” After getting tested, I was amazed at details I never knew existed.

About ten years ago I worked for a small commercial real estate firm, but wanted a larger platform to better serve my clients. I struggled with the thought of leaving the firm that originally hired me, but made the choice and moved to The Staubach Company (acquired by Jones Lang LaSalle in 2008) and again, was incredulous as I never knew such a thorough platform existed to serve tenant clients.  This only grew after the acquisition.

In all of these cases, I was satisfied in what I knew and never imagined how good it could be until I made the move.

There are times when I reach out to prospective clients and get the response that all real estate brokers are the same. They are not aware that we have an in-house Construction team that does everything from installing a door in a small office suite to ground-up construction. Or that we have an in-house Project Management group that assembles budgets, timelines and other base building reports to ensure the details are vetted and there are no surprises. Or that we have a robust Capital Markets team that understands the specific ownership positions for particular landlords to mitigate our clients’ risk when they are signing leases. 

In many cases we will have the opportunity to meet with these prospective groups. Often times they will give us the opportunity to show how these capabilities enhance their ability to make educated decisions. I would like to think that when this happens, it’s like them putting on that pair of glasses for the first time and realizing how much better it can be.



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