Holiday stess busting

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From Noga Sachs
MS Health Promtion Manager
Jones Lang LaSalle

Whether it’s the planning, traveling, being surrounded by friends and family you’re not used to seeing, or loneliness that gets your blood pressure soaring during the holidays, preparing yourself for what lies ahead will keep that stress level low and your enjoyment level high!

Here’s a little exercise that might help. Take out a sheet of paper and divide it into two columns. In the left column write a list of events, situations, and thoughts that have happened before stress set it. Label this column ‘Stressors.’ 

On the right hand side make a list, just like the first one, of things you have done to help you wind down and calm those nerves. Label this column ‘Action.’ Memorize these lists. Then you’re ready to make your game plan.

Whenever you see one of those stressors come up, use one of those actions steps to calm those nerves and put you back in control of your holiday experience.