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From Bob Kelly
Senior Superintendent
Jones Lang LaSalle

Construction is a funny business when it comes to technology. I’m not talking about the technology that allows us to erect a skyscraper on bad ground. That technology is constantly evolving to meet the demands of the most complex projects. I’m talking about using information technology to liberate us from the confines of traditional office trappings.

I remember when I started in the business I would enter shop drawings by hand in a ledger and plot schedules on paper. I was a proud owner of the original Palm Pilot, and have always had a PDA up until the advent of the smart phone.

When the smart phones first came out they fell short of the mark. In those days you were either data centric or phone centric. Data centric people like me relied on the PDA features and were less critical of the phone’s performance. Phone centric folks were intrigued by the added features but needed their phone to work perfectly as it always did. What ended up happening was everyone still needed to carry two devices. Not an ideal situation. 

Technology improved over the years. Fast forward to the present and the most innovative, effective and time saving device to date:  the i-Phone. It has been a godsend for those of us in construction. 

The user interface is so intuitive that data entry and retrieval are not limiting factors as they once were. Accessing web sites for technical information is a breeze. Working unrestricted with your desktop databases is feasible. Creating and maintaining schedules using powerful software is possible. Writing and submitting reports and presentations using “Pages”, “Numbers” and “Keynote” is simple and enjoyable.

We are forced to be available 24/7. This little device makes it possible to do nearly everything you could do sitting at your desk while on the fly. 



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