Super Bowl lessons

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From Brian Morrissey
Vice President
Jones Lang LaSalle

Every January, 12 NFL teams make the playoffs. They have spent the last 365 days in offseason workouts, training camp, practicing, watching film, lifting weights and playing regular season games to reach their ultimate goal. No matter how much time and effort the players and coaches put into bettering their skills, there can only be one ultimate champion. One winner of the big game.

I can’t pretend that real estate brokers have honed our physical skills similar to professional athletes, but each broker is constantly focused on creating a larger clientele, better serving their clients, becoming more knowledgeable about the market, trends, lease terms and more.

Often when companies are exploring real estate services, they will put out an RFP to multiple real estate firms to compete for their business. This RFP may go out to a half dozen pre-qualified companies and based on the response, they will shortlist a handful of real estate firms and conduct interviews. When it comes down to the in-person pitch, this is like our Superbowl.  This is when we are given an hour or two to present our capabilities, experience, and skills to defeat our competition.

In many cases, our experience and capabilities outweigh our competition and we are awarded the opportunity to assist clients with their real estate decision. On other days, our competition gets the better of us and we leave the field thinking about how we can improve our skills so it does not happen again.

With the real gridiron extravaganza happening this weekend, part of me is OK with the fact that the Patriots will not be playing in New Orleans. Since I have no stake in the game, I can sit back and enjoy it. I deal with enough stress competing in the real estate arena.



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