The myth of office shrinkage – part 1

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From Melisa Marcotte
Senior Manager
Jones Lang LaSalle

We’ve heard a lot over the past year about the shrinking office. According to me and my colleagues in space utilization and planning this isn’t necessarily so.

While some companies are seeking to reduce their space, many are simply swapping “me” for “we” space. Individual footprints are smaller, but spaces devoted to common, collaborative, and clients are increasing, thus reversing the percentages allocated to each.

For one international high tech client where JLL has managed several construction and relocation projects, the amount of space they formerly had was approximately 70% employee allocated and 30% customer/collaborative. Their new space in Cambridge is exactly the opposite in allocation, but the total space remains consistent.

One prominent financial services client is experiencing the same shift. Others are paring back to the bare minimum of open and common corridor circulation spaces while maintaining collaborative and functional employee work areas.



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