Should buildings publish ENERGY STAR data?

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From Bob Best
Executive Vice President
Jones Lang LaSalle

A big debate in commercial real estate is brewing on mandatory “public disclosure” of energy performance. 

Does requiring buildings to participate in a program like ENERGY STAR then make that information available to the public encourage buildings to become more energy efficient?

I think that it does.

First, requiring buildings to just participate in ENERGY STAR is a great idea. It’s simple. and straightforward. It’s well-accepted as a reasonable standard for measuring building energy performance. And, industry statistics show that joining ENERGY STAR leads to annual energy savings of over 2%. It gets building teams focused on energy without spending a dime.

Second, public reporting of ENERGY STAR ratings creates healthy competition. It allows buildings to compare themselves to peers in the market and strive to be better. And hopefully, it gives a marketing edge to the best-performing buildings.  

That’s a very strong incentive to reduce energy consumption. 

Let’s enact regulations to take full advantage of it.



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