Research gets high profile

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Breslau_Mabardi_RealEstateAlert Amid growing competition, JLL Research is constantly expanding and upgrading its analysis and market data to gain competitive edge.

In a recent article for Real Estate Alert, Research Director Ben Breslau said that our research is helping brokers win new business. “When we go out and pitch, research is a powerful tool. It’s changed from filler in the back of a book, to something that differentiates us and drives value for our clients.”

The article, which discusses the evolution of research in real estate, rings true for our New England Research Director Lori Mabardi as well. “The philosophy behind evolving into a front office team and strategic complement to the business are seeds Ben planted years ago. Within brokerage companies, our Research team is particularly well placed to capture the true picture of what is going on in a very timely way.

“We harness and analyze data that covers macro trends and the changes in our economy. The micro information is collected from our internal stakeholders on the ground every day. The magic happens when you bring those two components together. Couple that with an investment in strong analytical minds, great resources and information, then voila you’ve created real insight.”


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