Jim Tierney reflects on first 100 days

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Tierney_Jim_Color_Casual_HiRes_2New England Market Director Jim Tierney shared some thoughts on his first 100 days in the role.

Q: How has the transition been coming to JLL?

A: I’m more excited about this job today than the day I started. The opportunities are even greater than I anticipated. Our team is even more impressive and helpful than I could have hoped.

In these first few months, we’ve had great success in every business. We continue to attract new clients and provide exceptional service to existing clients. I’ve been proud to jump right in and help our talented team on both fronts. Meanwhile, I continue to learn how best to navigate our global company. That’s been an exciting exercise. I’m looking forward to helping our team and our clients get the most value from the expansive JLL platform.

Q: What have you found to be the most important part of the job?

A: It’s to make certain that we are servicing our clients as thoughtfully, broadly and deeply as we can. I’m in awe of the platform we have here. All of the fundamentals are in place to drive JLL’s growth and deliver more efficient, more effective client service.

Q: How do the firm’s fundamentals play into today’s strong real estate market?

A: The strong market presents enviable challenges. Our clients need our help to find the right investment opportunities, and to derive the most value from their existing real estate assets. On the occupier side of the business, the strong market means that any misstep will be costly for years to come, so we’re able to help clients make creative and informed decisions. We have the experience, research, marketing, and ear to the ground that allows us to be as helpful as possible

We also have a willingness to collaborate that serves our clients well.

Q: How would you describe JLL’s culture?

A: The strength and consistency of our culture is one of the things that has impressed me most. The message from our highest levels of leadership right through every part of the company is consistent. We’ll pitch a tent, bring talented and diverse people in, and create an environment where our values are univerally understood: practice teamwork, integrity, and excellence in all that we do. This is the environment in which we find professional fulfillment. It explains why I wanted to be here, and why my colleagues want to build their careers here. Part of my role is to protect our culture because in addition to making JLL a great place to work, it is also a significant differentiator when clients evaluate options.

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