Jim Tierney on Boston’s future

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Tierney_Jim_Color_Casual_HiRes_2New England Market Director Jim Tierney shared his thoughts on experience and urbanization.

Q: How did your experience as Chief of Staff at the BRA, and as a practicing attorney, prepare you for this challenge?

A: My career before JLL involved balancing many competing demands for time and attention. I’ve also juggled multiple priorities related to clients as well as business operations. Whether it was in City Hall where your day changes from the moment you open the newspaper in the morning, to juggling a caseload while striving to provide exceptional service to every client, things have always moved quickly. In these jobs, the relationships I built with clients and colleagues were also essential to any success I enjoyed. In those ways these experiences were great training grounds for me.

At JLL, whether it is servicing new clients, existing ones, or furthering internal programs and initiatives, there’s incredible variety day to day. It’s all about prioritizing and building relationships with my colleagues and clients so we can all be successful.

Q: Will the urbanization trend persist?

A: It will because there are significant demographic forces behind it. Both the Boomer Generation and the Echo Boomers are engaged and invested in the urbanization we are experiencing. This isn’t a fad. Millennials aren’t getting drivers’ licenses or buying cars at the same pace as previous generations. They love the mixed-use environment the city has to offer, not only as single people but also for their young families. Of course there will be some ebbs and flows, but the urbanization trend seen here in Boston is real and sustainable.

Q: How does the city’s future look to you?

A: It is incredibly bright. Boston continues to be a place where investors want to put their money. Few cities, if any, have economies more prepared to endure the inevitable macro-level downturns. When things are good, as we are seeing right now, we lead the way in job growth. In the short time that the Walsh administration has been in place, the approved developments have been significant. I believe we will continue to see ambitious projects started throughout the city and metro region.

In Boston and elsewhere, we are also seeing a lot of attention given to the creation and preservation of affordable housing. Tackling that issue is another component in Boston’s continuing growth and success.

Q: What role does JLL play in the future of Boston?

A: It is vital that we be involved in the business and civic life of the city. We must be highly engaged in chartitable efforts, be a leader in the real estate market, and assume a prominent place in the civic dialogue. For JLL, corporate citizenship means being thought leaders and advocates in our community. We realize that the brighter we help make the future for Boston, the better it will be for JLL and our clients as well.

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