A new paradigm for energy

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JLL's Bob Best, Energy and Sustainability Services

From Bob Best
Executive Vice President

I recently saw a wonderful presentation on the new Joint Center for Energy Storage Research (JCESR) by its director George Crabtree.

Since the ability to efficiently store electric power opens so many doors for using alternative energies, it’s about time we pulled together our best minds and organizations to tackle the problem in a coordinated way. That is what the JCESR is all about. And, as George clearly outlined, it is a “new paradigm” with a lofty goal:

“Transform transportation and the electricity grid with next generation energy storage at five times the performance and one fifth the cost.”

While the JCESR will be located in Chicago, it is more of a virtual organization, pulling together researchers and scientists from 14 organizations throughout the country, including national laboratories, universities and companies. It’s a unique approach to a global issue.

The effort breaks into four steps: 1. Discovery science – looking at new materials and processes. 2. Battery design. 3. Prototype research. 4. Manufacturing collaboration. It is an organized effort to combine theory and practicality to bring game-changing solutions to the market.

Will it work?

Well, all the puzzle pieces seem to be on the same table, and the smartest puzzle solvers are all working together to put it all together.

I think success is inevitable.



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