Safety is sustainable

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BestBobFrom Bob Best
Executive Vice President

What does “safety” really mean? Is it part of the effort to make buildings more “sustainable?”

The traditional view of green buildings is that they have less of a negative impact on the environment as measured by such things as greenhouse gas emissions, waste sent to landfills and water consumption. There is growing interest, however, in making buildings more supportive of the people that work inside of them. This includes making buildings safer.

Beyond building hardware like annunciation systems, sprinklers and defibrillators, company’s are looking at safety training and awareness campaigns. It’s not just about safety in the workplace. These efforts are addressing employees at home, play, and at work. It’s one way to show employees that the organization in concerned about their complete well-being.


It’s an important and powerful message: “We care about the environment and we care about you!”

A pretty sustainable idea.


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