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Growth in the construction industry is building

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We recently released our U.S. Construction Perspective, which includes:

  • Which industry had the highest overall construction spend in 2014
  • What is driving the cost growth
  • Which cities lead in high construction costs
  • 2015 key construction markets
  • What’s next in construction trends

Click here for the full report.

With regard to the Boston market specifically, the Perspective outlines the following:

Coping with #Snowmageddon2015

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According to Boston Snow Stats, we have received 99.9 inches of total snow fall this season, making it one of the snowiest winters on record.

The accumulation has led to: 294,584 Boston neighborhood miles plowed, 76,393 tons of salt used, 185,064 hours of work for snow removal personnel, and many hours of commuter delays.

How are JLLers handling #Snowmageddon2015?

With schools and roads closed, our people had several days to play and work outside.

10649916_10205577529494728_299915160224381866_nRead More

Another strong year for global real estate

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From Colin Dyer
President and CEO



Strong momentum in the world’s major commercial real estate markets points to another good year ahead for the industry. The title of JLL’s current edition of the Global Market Perspective says it all: “Global real estate forges ahead.”

2015 prime offices

Markets around… Read More

A different dance

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Whether it be basketball or business, perseverance is a key ingredient to success. JLL Brokerage’s Roger Breslin looked back on his days as point guard at Holy Cross to explain.

“I had many nights my freshman year where I left practice wondering if I could play at this level,” he said. He played sparingly that year, and hit another rough patch as a sophomore.

Then something clicked. He realized… Read More

Boston bubbles to the top

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Mabardi_Lori_Casual_blogFrom Lori Mabardi
Strategic Research

2014 will be remembered as the year that Boston solidified its place on the global scene. It was also the year that foreign investors took notice, as we enjoyed double digit rent growth and a revival in all corners of our market. And now that we are entering 2015, the momentum is not stopping. 2015 is the year when Boston became a… Read More

Boston Rising: 2015 Capital Markets Perspectives

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Last Thursday marked the release of our Boston Rising: Capital Markets 2015 Boston Perspective. In this year’s Perspective we featured a map of planned or in-process developments in this current cycle that will have a major impact on all sectors of Boston’s real estate economy. With this release we invited investor clients to a breakfast program to showcase some of our findings and excitement surrounding this great city of ours.

The presentation included insights from our JLL professionals… Read More

Is less light better?

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BestBobFrom Bob Best
Executive Vice President

We still light up our workplaces as if we lived 50 years ago.

Older lighting systems, designed for paper-based reading tasks, were typically in the 750-1000 lux range. In fact, it was commonly believed that more light is always better.

Guess what. It’s not the ’60s anymore.

People are reading on things called computers, iPhones and iPads. Over-illumination, particularly when combined… Read More

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30 years with JLL

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Left to right: Jim Tierney, Bill Barrack, Pete Stankiewicz & John Thomas

Left to right: Jim Tierney, Bill Barrack, Peter Stankiewicz & John Thomas

Do you know why 1984 was an important year for JLL Boston? No…it wasn’t because the “Ghostbusters” was the year’s top grossing film, but because three of our most influential team members joined JLL (back when JLL was known… Read More