30 years with JLL

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Left to right: Jim Tierney, Bill Barrack, Pete Stankiewicz & John Thomas

Left to right: Jim Tierney, Bill Barrack, Peter Stankiewicz & John Thomas

Do you know why 1984 was an important year for JLL Boston? No…it wasn’t because the “Ghostbusters” was the year’s top grossing film, but because three of our most influential team members joined JLL (back when JLL was known as Spaulding & Slye).

Bill Barrack (Brokerage), Peter Stankiewicz (Construction) and John Thomas (Construction) all celebrated 30 years of service in the past year and we can’t be more grateful to still have them as part of our team! Last week at our annual business meeting, Bill, Peter and John were all recognized, thanked and celebrated for their 30 years of service at JLL.

Please join us in congratulating Bill, Peter and John for their almost 100 combined years of service at JLL!

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