Coping with #Snowmageddon2015

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According to Boston Snow Stats, we have received 99.9 inches of total snow fall this season, making it one of the snowiest winters on record.

The accumulation has led to: 294,584 Boston neighborhood miles plowed, 76,393 tons of salt used, 185,064 hours of work for snow removal personnel, and many hours of commuter delays.

How are JLLers handling #Snowmageddon2015?

With schools and roads closed, our people had several days to play and work outside.


Others had to make the long commute into Boston via the MBTA…


Once they got into the city, the next challenge was navigating the city streets…


Once at work, they had ALOT of work to do!

Seaport East - BenRTU afterBright Horizons

And after work, people made their way home to snow covered dwellings.


Now that #Snowmageddon2015 is almost over, will we look back fondly at the disasters left in its path?


Probably not.

All images were taken by JLL New England employees who wanted to share their #Snowmageddon2015 experience.

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