Real Estate Ambassador Chris Ostop

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The Hartford Business Journal sat down with Chris Ostop and other veteran brokers to get their take on the state of Greater Hartford’s commercial real estate landscape. They also discussed what looms on the economic horizon for the capital city and Connecticut. Here are some excerpts from Chris’s remarks:

The lending markets are wide open for Hartford. Lenders are giving great loan terms, however lenders are paying closer attention to loan-to-value ratios in their financing decisions.

‘Downtown has never been better’ is the growing sentiment.

Hartford has been an office park that happens to be the Capital City. Now it is becoming a city destination with apartments, shops and restaurants. That story was never more prominent than it is now.

If I could wave a magic wand my one wish would be for high speed rail connecting Hartford to New York City.

For the complete story “Hartford’s realty ambassadors relay their short, long views” click here.


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