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HourlyNerd proud to have the perfect space to call home

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Jangro_Bobby_Color_Casual_HiResFrom Bobby Jangro
Associate, Downtown Leasing Team

One of the many challenges for an emerging technology company is figuring out how to harness rapid growth. There are a lot of elements that factor into that equation, not the least of which is physical space. Many locally-born startups begin their early days in co-working communities like WeWork, incubating with an investor, or sharing space with… Read More

Boston’s most dynamic market may surprise you

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There’s undeniably a ton of activity happening in the Seaport right now, but one could argue that Downtown Crossing is actually where most of the action in Boston is occurring. “I would say it’s probably the most dynamic market in the city right now,” said JLL SVP Bryan Sparkes. “We’ve seen a lot of new tenants come in here. We’ve also seen retail and residential, so it’s really become the live-work-play… Read More

Boston gains ground in latest City Momentum Index

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It should come as no surprise to anyone that Boston is on fire. You don’t have to look much further than our latest Q4 statistics to see that. And now, the city has received global recognition, coming in 2nd nationally and 5th globally in JLL’s latest City Momentum Index (CMI). London, Silicon Valley, Dublin, and Bangalore join Boston in the top five.

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How company culture impacts productivity in the workplace

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Callahan_Brendan_blogFrom Brendan Callahan
Managing Director, Integrated Portfolio Services

It should be no surprise that the future of the workplace is changing and evolving. But despite those changes, one thing remains constant: the importance of having engaged employees, and the role a company’s culture plays in that equation.

Our JLL Workplace Strategy experts recently took a look at just how important engagement and culture are, and the… Read More

5 US office market trends and what they mean for 2016

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Breslau_Ben_1_Color_Casual_HiResFrom Ben Breslau
International Director, Americas Research

As you may have read in our local Q4 Office Insights report, 2015 ended on a high note for the Greater Boston region. And it was a similar story of success on the larger US scale. As our new Q4 2015 US Office Outlook reveals, here are the 5 biggest trends and their implications on the year… Read More

Closing the book on a successful 2015

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strope_blogFrom Lisa Strope
New England Research Manager



A great 2015 was made even better in the final quarter as Greater Boston finished the year on a high note with direct average asking rents topping the previous peak at $34.04 and total vacancy rate dipping to 13.8 percent, its lowest point since 2007.

The year ended with a flurry of leasing activity closing nearly 3.5 million… Read More

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